Research Question, Independent Variable, Dependent Variables, Controlled Variables and Hypothesis

NameResearch QuestionIndependent VariableDependent VariablesControlled VariablesHypothesis
Beverly HengHow does the material of the flexible skirt affect the performance of a hoverboard?The material of the flexible skirt.The performance of a hoverboard.Size of flexible skirt

Size of hoverboard

Strength of hoverboard engine

Structure of hoverboard
If I use the different materials for the flexible skirt, the hoverboard will perform differently.
Tan Hong YiIs a device that is able to cloak from radar on any type of terrain possible?The material the structure is made from, the shape of the structure.

The size of the structure, the terrain it is placed on.
The anti radar properties.Material


Timothy TengIs a device that is able to optimize algae growth possible?Type of algaeThe growth of algaeLight

pH level of water

Aeration and mixing



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