4. Discussion

4.1 Key Findings
The heart rate of the subject increases when he is gaming.

4.2 Explanation of key findings
Video games affects your heart rate by causing you to have different feelings like excitement, frustration or even a feeling of accomplishment. We feel excited when we meet with tight situations, such as dangerous confrontations or when analysing the battlefield. Our body would need more energy to respond faster so as to get out of danger, and this will result in a faster loss of energy, and our heart would have to pump more blood to supply our muscles with the necessary conditions to function better.

4.3 Evaluation of hypothesis
Our hypothesis is wrong. Our heart rate increases when we play all genres of video games, but it does not vary for different genres of video games.

4.4 Areas for improvement
We could have waited for 5 minutes after the subject started the game before measuring the subject’s heart rate.

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